Thursday, January 21, 2010

Abercrombie Haul

Abercrombie & Fitch is currently having a huge sale online. I mean, the price should be at the cheapest point right now, except for certain products that are still priced at about $50 up... those will probably go down further more in a few weeks. But by then, most of the better look ones will be OOS. So don't wait till the last minute, just grab what you can now! :D

I pretty much grabbed what I have been lemming for a while....

Perfect Butt Skinny Slouch - $14.95 (originally $58)... This will be perfect to wear with my UGG when heading to the gym in the morning :D

Perfect Butt Lace Legging - $9.95 (Originally $38). Dunno why did I like this one so much... I think it was all because of the LACE :P

Mandy *Down* Outerwear - $39.95 (Originally $150). Actually I had no intention to get this one at all. What I wanted to get is the one below... But it was OOS at THAT moment when I clicked the *place order*. The price wasn't bad after all, though I might either return it (if I don't have to pay for the shipping.. lol) or just give it to my sister.

Celine *Down* Outerwear - $39.95 (Originally $150). So this was actually the one I was eyeing for a while. And it also been OOS for quite a while. Though they were back in stock and only in my size right after I placed my first order (like.. um.. maybe less than 1 min) So Boo... I ended up placed a separate order for this one and it went back to OOS within minutes. Hopefully my order did go through~

Annie *Down* Vest Outerwear - $29.95 (Originally $120). Dunno why but recently I like to wear vest a lot somehow :P


First I gotta say it isn't a very joyful day so far, because it's one of my coworkers' husband funeral today. Indeed I do know her husband personally. He was always so kind and funny. We will certainly miss him a lot :[

Friday, January 8, 2010

My First Cat Lesson

The first trouble I been having since the new year is Jewel has developed some hairball problem *sigh* As an inexperience cat owner, I have no clue what does hairball vomit look like or any symptom. So it was just a gross experience of seeing some black tube thing all over the floor :P

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year...

I know.. I'm a bit late. But happy new year!! :]

So for the new year, my new low-buy *target* to achieve is

1) $10 spending limit / per week
2) Hit pans of at least 10 items

These rules will be applied throughout the whole 2010. I'm trying to down size my stash without purging anything. Though I have haul quite a bit by the end of 2009, so it might be a bit hard after all lol

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