Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Outlet Super Haul

Saturday I broke my low-buy rule and did a BIG birthday haul :P I actually skipped half day of work and went to the tanger outlet mall @ Long Island with my mom and her boss. I tried my best and didn't buy any makeup at all. Though I still managed to spent about 1k LoL

I scored 6 Shu Uemura eyelash curlers at the Lancome Outlet. They were doing extra 40% off. So all these babies were only $7.20/ea

As an addition, I also bought 2 pairs of UGG to keep my feet extra warm :]

This is one of the set I have scored at the Victoria Secret outlet. I'm sure my baby will loves it ;] Beside that, I have bought BUNCH of panties lol

Something else that I have scored from the VS outlet hehehe

Since we have bunch of free space in the 7 seats family van, so I also decide to buy a new TV for my room :] A sony 32" 1080p LCD TV, for only $429, comes with a free DVD player (TV currently on sale for $549 @ BestBuy)

Apart from these, I have also hauled some clothes and boots from Gap, Timberland, JCrew... for me & my families <33

Happy Birthday To Meee :]

It's my.... # Birthday today! lol Well, you wouldn't believe how old I really am.. :P

Can't say I'm actually very happy since I do have to work today. And my boyfriend is not around again *sigh* This is also the first year without Nami... What can I say :/

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sephora Birthday Haul

Well my birthday is coming up soooooooooon. though don't remind me how old I am gonna be lol So today I placed an order at Sephora again since the extra 20% off sales code actually worked last night when I was testing it. Thought I would just pass as I didn't see anything I would like to get last night. But this morning, apparently they have added so much new items there. So I totally can't resist and placed my little order :]

First thing I ordered is this Korres eyeshadow in Plum for $7 (not same color as pictured). I don't know about the quality. Though the review looked pretty good on MUA :]

So I also grabbed this Korres body butter set for $14. It comes with Guava, Quince and Fig. I have grabbed the jasmine body butter last week when Korres was doing free shipping. The texture does feel very nice. Though I certainly don't like the smell of Guava at all *naturally*, so I might pass this Guava body butter to someone else if I can't stand its smell by the time I got it.

I was sooo happy to see that they actually have this Urban Decay24/7 liner set on sale as well for only $20. So of course I gotta grab these. I LOVE the UD 24/7 liners, their staying power is just S-U-P-E-R!

I wasn't very sure about this Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF30 powder, but it was only $10 anyway. Indeed it would be great to use it as a setting powder on the top on my EDM MMU. But I have heard many bad review regarding of the packaging of this PTR mineral powder. So I might gonna just transfer it in a jar instead.

Last thing, as a birthday girl, of course I have grabbed my free Sephora lipgloss :P

So the total came to $40.20 AFTER the 20% discount code, with free shipping. And remember, make the purchase through Mrrebate will give you another 10% cashback!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sasa #3 Haul ~ Kuan Yuan Lian masks <33

I placed another order on recently since almost all of those mask I been drooling on were back in stock. So I kinda broke my low-buy rule and spent about $60 on all these mask. But dude... it was still a good deal ~ 7 boxes of masks plus some other stuff :D

These are mostly Kuan Yuan Lian masks, plus a box of My Beauty Diary mask. These 2 brands are both famous in Taiwan, for their high product quality with a very friendly price tag.

Kuan Yuan Lian NATURAL CARE Firming Mask contains some natural botanical extracts like iris, frankincense, and sage that helps activate skin, slow down aging, and smooth skin texture. Infused with violet leaves and β-GLUCANS, it helps to repair and improve skin defensive ability. Elasticity and firmness is regained, leaving you a youthful vivid glow. Recommend for those who have fine lines and loose skin texture.

Kuan Yuan Lian NATURAL CARE Whitening Mask contains some natural botanical extracts like camellia, white Tea, peony, cucumber, and arbutin that help improve skin dullness, even and brighten skin tone. Infused with hyaluronic acid and chamomile, skin is moist and translucent. Recommend for those who have dull skin tone.

Kuan Yuan Lian NATURAL CARE Moisture Mask contains some natural botanical extracts like rose, orange blossom, lily, aloe vera, chamomile, and even hyaluronic acid. Skin is immediately replenished. White Rose extract enhances skin's resistance to help form a water-binding mechanism to prevent the loss of skin moisture. Leaving skin moist, supple and radiant. Recommend for the dehydrated and dry skin.

Kuan Yuan Lian NATURAL CARE Sponge Cucumber Mask contains some natural botanical extracts like luffa, Hamamelis, gardenia and even hyaluronic acid. It helps to soothe and replenish skin, alleviating the dehydrated and tense feeling. Leaving skin a healthy vivid glow.

Kuan Yuan Lian NATURAL CARE Oil-control Mask contains some natural botanical extracts like Tea tree, Calendula officinalis, Mentha piperita and Witch Hazel. It soothes and cools skin, helping skin to remove excess cuticles and oil while inhibiting skin excess sebum production. Infused with β-GLUCANS, skin defensive power is increased, leaving skin a balanced sebum secretion. Recommend for large pores users .

My Beauty Dairy Mixed Berry MaskMy Beauty Dairy Mixed Berry Mask - Mixed Berry Extract drawn out from blue berry, raspberry, cowberry and mulberry in an exceptional beauty agent that dresses skin up with vitality and charm. It protects skin from environmental aggression, correcting problems like uneven complexion, dullness and sagging. After use, skin becomes firm, bright and translucent. Extracts of Comfrey and Green Tea enable synergy benefit to soften cuticles. After use, skin is refined, radiant and velvety smooth.

mystery early xmas gift

The laziness really been hitting me recently. Or maybe just because I been kinda sick *cough* flu *cough* Wednesday I have received a lovely gift from my coworker Daisy... Silly her packed it with layersssss of paper plus a phone box :P

Doesn't it looks sooo cute? :]

So that's pretty not environmental friendly....

H2O+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sephora *sale* again... :D

Ok, this is just a quick post actually. Today, I heard that Sephora is gonna have another 20% off sale again, which will takes place on Dec 23 - Dec 31, 2009. Use code "EXTRA" to receive the additional 20% off. However, from what I heard, this code will apply on sale items only. Though, shipping is always free for $50+ order :]

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My New Kitty

As I have mentioned, I was going to adopt a cat from ASPCA. So I went there on Monday, and omg... it was soo far from the subway station. And I wasn't familiar with that area at all. So it took me a lil while to find that place.

They have SOOO many kitties there. And this little 7 1/2 months old kitty named Jewel totally got me <3 She climbed on my shoulder as soon as I opened her carrier. She was very social, friendly and loving. So I decided to take her home :D

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Happy Snowy Saturday

I had been pretty stressed out from work recently due to my bitchy supervisor. She is just a snob after all. So I decided to to do some shopping after work today even though the weather was prety bad - snow & rain... It was mostly *cat* shopping as I have decided to adopt a cat from ASPCA next monday. So I gotta be prepared. Went to target and there... I bought a pet carrier. However, the item was not found within the system when doing price check. So that guy asked me how much was it. I told him it was $20.99 when I was checking it online last night, but I'm not sure about the store price. He said ok, and put only $10 on the item value :D

And my 2nd shopping was done online *like usual* :P At sephora again. Though I'm so mad at myself waited too long to bother to place the order. So as a BI, most of us got those $15 or $20 off $35 gift card. I was lemming on the Korres butter for a little bit. So it would been a chance to try to jasmine set. But booo me didn't order it till today, and that set already went OOS :[ So I ended up ordered something else, and out-of-pocket total came to less than $2 *giggles*

*click for bigger image* :P

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Haul Haul Haulsssss!!

I have not been really posted for a while... just been kinda lazy :D So today I finally received my 2nd haul from! I actually placed this order on Oct 30. So it took nearly 5 weeks to get here this time.. *sigh* Well I can't complaint. At least, it got here! My second haul is just a mini package from Sephora... so let see what have I ordered :]

From Sephora.... I ordered 2 sets of Philosophy Grace Me with A Kiss. It was indeed a totally steal. It comes with a full size kiss me lip balm with two 2 oz size grace shower gel. Only the lip balm itself is retails for $14. But now the whole set was only $5. So of course, this set went OOS within 3 days :P I'm glad I have grabbed 2 of them with the free shipping code hehe The shower gel is just good enough to bring to the gym you know.

From this is actually my 2nd haul from them. I mean, online of course. So what I have ordered this time is BUNCH of "green bean" powder and some cucumber water from Kuan Yuan Lian. But again, like what I have mentioned in my previous sasa haul post. I don't know how the translation works over there in Taiwan. Those are certainly not "green bean" They are actually mung bean. So I guess they were just translating it directly from word to word. So these mung bean powder is actually for multi use, you can use it to wash face or to make facial mask. It will do the deep cleaning on your pores and suck all oil out like mud mask. I have also ordered a little bottle of hair conditioner from Kose, a eye gel mask :D and a pack of chinese medication sleeping mask from TCM mask.

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