Thursday, December 3, 2009

Haul Haul Haulsssss!!

I have not been really posted for a while... just been kinda lazy :D So today I finally received my 2nd haul from! I actually placed this order on Oct 30. So it took nearly 5 weeks to get here this time.. *sigh* Well I can't complaint. At least, it got here! My second haul is just a mini package from Sephora... so let see what have I ordered :]

From Sephora.... I ordered 2 sets of Philosophy Grace Me with A Kiss. It was indeed a totally steal. It comes with a full size kiss me lip balm with two 2 oz size grace shower gel. Only the lip balm itself is retails for $14. But now the whole set was only $5. So of course, this set went OOS within 3 days :P I'm glad I have grabbed 2 of them with the free shipping code hehe The shower gel is just good enough to bring to the gym you know.

From this is actually my 2nd haul from them. I mean, online of course. So what I have ordered this time is BUNCH of "green bean" powder and some cucumber water from Kuan Yuan Lian. But again, like what I have mentioned in my previous sasa haul post. I don't know how the translation works over there in Taiwan. Those are certainly not "green bean" They are actually mung bean. So I guess they were just translating it directly from word to word. So these mung bean powder is actually for multi use, you can use it to wash face or to make facial mask. It will do the deep cleaning on your pores and suck all oil out like mud mask. I have also ordered a little bottle of hair conditioner from Kose, a eye gel mask :D and a pack of chinese medication sleeping mask from TCM mask.


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