Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Happy Snowy Saturday

I had been pretty stressed out from work recently due to my bitchy supervisor. She is just a snob after all. So I decided to to do some shopping after work today even though the weather was prety bad - snow & rain... It was mostly *cat* shopping as I have decided to adopt a cat from ASPCA next monday. So I gotta be prepared. Went to target and there... I bought a pet carrier. However, the item was not found within the system when doing price check. So that guy asked me how much was it. I told him it was $20.99 when I was checking it online last night, but I'm not sure about the store price. He said ok, and put only $10 on the item value :D

And my 2nd shopping was done online *like usual* :P At sephora again. Though I'm so mad at myself waited too long to bother to place the order. So as a BI, most of us got those $15 or $20 off $35 gift card. I was lemming on the Korres butter for a little bit. So it would been a chance to try to jasmine set. But booo me didn't order it till today, and that set already went OOS :[ So I ended up ordered something else, and out-of-pocket total came to less than $2 *giggles*

*click for bigger image* :P


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