Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Outlet Super Haul

Saturday I broke my low-buy rule and did a BIG birthday haul :P I actually skipped half day of work and went to the tanger outlet mall @ Long Island with my mom and her boss. I tried my best and didn't buy any makeup at all. Though I still managed to spent about 1k LoL

I scored 6 Shu Uemura eyelash curlers at the Lancome Outlet. They were doing extra 40% off. So all these babies were only $7.20/ea

As an addition, I also bought 2 pairs of UGG to keep my feet extra warm :]

This is one of the set I have scored at the Victoria Secret outlet. I'm sure my baby will loves it ;] Beside that, I have bought BUNCH of panties lol

Something else that I have scored from the VS outlet hehehe

Since we have bunch of free space in the 7 seats family van, so I also decide to buy a new TV for my room :] A sony 32" 1080p LCD TV, for only $429, comes with a free DVD player (TV currently on sale for $549 @ BestBuy)

Apart from these, I have also hauled some clothes and boots from Gap, Timberland, JCrew... for me & my families <33


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