Monday, November 30, 2009

a Busy Thanksgiving Weekend

It had been a quite busy thanksgiving weekend. But nope... I wasn't doing any thanksgiving dinner or shopping. Just busy with work *sigh* So last Wednesday night, I actually managed to go to casino with my coworkers and parents after work. And I didn't get home till 7:30am next day :P But I wasn't there for gamble of course. Gambling... is just not my thing. I went there to see a concert of a Taiwanese singer - (小豬 ... 羅志祥) Actually I have no clue who he was *lol* Though I have heard of his name before from some Hong Kong news. But anyway. The concert was good but meanwhile kinda meh, simply as I don't know any of his song :D

So that night, I was wearing my newly design nails... It was SO Beautiful! But sadly, somehow I lost one of the pinky nails while I was on my way to work *Booo* So nails were discarded at the next day :[ *RIP* I was using those glue from Kiss, but seems like it doesn't stick as well as I have wished. Actually few more nails have been fallen off, and I ended up glued them with crazy glue at work lol I know, it sounds crazy, but I had no problem on removing them with Acetone nail polish remover after all.


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