Thursday, November 5, 2009

Everyday Minerals Blush

Ever since I got hooked to the EDM foundation, I also started to try out their blushes as well. Mineral blushes are usually in loose form. EDM offers many shades, their color payout is supo! and the price tag is surely very friendly (as long as you order 12+ items :P) Their blushes are listed in 3 different formula: Matte, Sheen and Shimmer. Some of them are also Limited Edition (L/E). Here is my lil EDM blush collection. I will update when I get any new one :]

Sand Cherry - A gorgeous deep peach with cherry undertones and tons of sparkle! (shimmer)
Pumpkin Pie - Toasty peach blush with a hint of sparkle (Sheen, L/E)
Peach Tree - A gorgeous sparkly peach with earthy undertones (shimmer, L/E)
Email Me - A light brown/beige matte shade with a kiss of pink (matte)
Snooze Bar - A caramel-brown and peach with a soft touch of shimmer (sheen)
Snuggle - A radiant pink with a hint of peach and a dust of sheen (sheen)
Raspberry Sherbet Blush--A shimmery, fruity, medium berry pink with light brown undertones (shimmer, L/E)
All Smiles - A rosy peach (matte)
Tea Time - A peachy light brown with a kiss of shimmer (shimmer)


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