Monday, November 2, 2009

missing nami...

I have been going to works with the buffed eyes for the past few days. The leaving of Nami is just too much for me to handle right now. I finally cleaned up her cage and threw most of the stuff away. of course, it made me cried like there was no tomorrow. I've been trying so hard to calm myself down. I know it was so hard for dad also. After all, he was the one who always feed Nami in the morning. Nami used to jump on him all the time when he was laying on the couch watch TV.

Her cage is still sitting in the kitchen. It just made me totally not wanting to go in there. I know dad wanted to pack and throw it away this morning. Though he stopped as soon as I walked out from my room. After all, Nami was truly a part of our family.

A coworker been offering me a kitten as his cat is recently pregnant again which is probably due sometime this month or so... Though I'm not too sure. I know, it would make me feel better to have something else to hold on. But... nami is just irreplaceable.


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