Monday, November 23, 2009

Diet Diet Diet!!!

I just weighted myself last night and please allow me to say...... WTF??! lol I have gained nearly 10 LBs since april lol omggggggg....... (>_<) I couldn't believe that! Seriously!!!

But well, I know I have been pretty lazy ever since I finished my degree in April. No more wake up at 5am to study blah blah blah~ But still... 10 LBs? I know I have gained some fat, but man~ it is gonna take forever just to lose a pound lol So today, I woke up at 7am and went to the gym. I had a pretty good work out for an hour and burnt about 520 calories. Not like I'm really proud of that, cos I used to able to burn like 100 calories in about 8 mins. And for 60 mins I only burnt 520 calories.. so much to catch up!

Other than going back to the gym, I have also started my diet. I'm not taking any diet pill as simply I do believe non of them work anyway. Though I have recently ordered some fiber pills, which should help me to feel full without actually eating much. After all, fiber is healthy for you! :D


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