Monday, November 9, 2009

SaSa haul !

Yaddaaaa my SASA haul finally arrived today. It did arrive earlier than what I was expecting actually (order placed on oct 22nd). So here are my haul....

From left to right (top to bottom):

  • Kuan Yuan Lian Cucumber Water large size (180ML)
  • Kuan Yuan Lian Cucumber Water Mist w/ Refill (50ML/ea)
  • Kuan Yuan Lian Cucumber Water small size (75ML/ea)
  • FoodSkin Kiwi Yogurt Mask
  • Cookie mirror compact (free gwp from sasa)
  • My Beauty Diary Facial Absorbent Paper

Right now I'm testing that kiwi yogurt mask on my face. I have never heard of SkinFood actually, though when I was doing search on the HK yahoo site and they happens to have their own site and even a flagship store in HK. Plus the review from sasa looked pretty good.... So anyway. We will see if it really works, but so far it just smell sooo good that I totally wanna lick it off my face lol

And as you can see, I have also ordered lot of Kuan Yuan Lian Cucumber Water (
廣源良菜瓜水). Though I gotta say, it is actually not cucumber that what you or me are thinking about. It is another type of melon vegetable. I have no clue why they translated it to cucumber when it comes to English. So this cucumber water is basically similar to Evian or Avene water, which you could use for after sun burnt, cooling for summer or to set your makeup. It is extracted from natural cucumber stem, with no additive. So it should be suitable for all skin type.

Another thing that I have got is just a pack of facial absorbent paper from My Beauty Diary (
我的美麗日記 吸油面紙). My beauty diary is a very famous brand from Taiwan. They are specialized in paper facial mask. Their facial masks are very effective yet very inexpensive. However, most of the sale ones are OOS on sasa. And those that are in stock @ sasa are all MUCH higher than the regular retail price. So I will just wait till I go back to Hong Kong to stock them up :P I'm a bit disappointed about their absorbent paper though, wish I would just order the Kuan Yuan Lian green bean powder instead. This facial absorbent is in the form that I hate the most - Paper. I'm too spoiled by Gatsby oil blotting sheet. So seems like the paper type would never work good on me somehow. And they just tend to break easily :/


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