Wednesday, November 4, 2009

No-Buy or Low-Buy

To no-buy or to low-buy... and my decision is to low-buy to the point of trying to become no-buy if possible. Know what I am talking about?? Actually I've been low-buy for a few weeks already. Though with the turkey around the corner, all these stores are starting to have bunch of sales. Argg.. it's just so hard to resist!!! But anyway, I seriously do have enough skincare & cosmetics to use for AT LEAST a year. So... I'm gonna try to go through and finish most of them before adding more in the collection

Low-Buy Start: Nov 4, 2009
Finish: Until the next MAC FF... which should be Jan 2010 :P


  1. Set a start & finish time
  2. Set a minimum weekly spending limit ($10 - $20)
  3. Instead of spending your limit, try to *Stash Shop* your goodies!
  4. Put your fave credit cards away... :P
  5. Avoid any type of *sale*!!! *runnnn*


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