Monday, November 9, 2009


Nami's death still affect me so much. So today is my day off from work, but again, I didn't go out at all. Just spent my whole day at home doing nothing. But I did still put my makeup on real quick... just incase if I suddenly feel like to walk to 7-11 for some ice cream (._.) *aweeee*

Brow - Cover Girl Brow Pencil in soft brown
Eyeshadow - EDM Raspberry Sherbet (it's a blush actually)
Cheek - EDM Pumpkin Pie
Foundation - EDM olive neutral in matte
Lip - Nada... i forgot to put thing on :P

But anyway, I look pretty washed out I know. Somehow I always look so pale in pictures. But if I apply more blush for the photo taking purpose, then it would just makes me look like a crowd in reality *sigh*


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