Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New *Phonbie* Obsession

The Chinese New Year is coming soon, so it been crazy busy at work recently :/ Of course, making those extra $$ is always good, but it certainly tired me out soooo much *grr*

So anyway, recently I have a new obsession on those Japanese bling phone case. I found some really cute custom made ones on eBay from a Thai seller. However, she can not find a case for my phone. So I ended up DIY 2 for myself :] It does takes lot of time though, so now I do understand why did she charge like $60 for just a phone case.....

This is the 1st one I have made. It was mainly pink/sliver color. I bought a pack of 10 of those bears. And of course BUNCH of rhinestones.

This is the 2nd case I have made. Indeed, I do like this one more actually. As you can see, it was mostly black. And I tried to add vary shades of purple to make it looks sexier :P

After making these 2 cases, I still have enough stuff to make probably few more cases. I will probably make 1 for my DSi, and then make some for iphone and sell it on eBay :D


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