Monday, February 22, 2010

New Toy in my *Collection*

Many people know that, when I say TOY... I totally mean handbag :D Somehow I just have a big obsession on handbags. I even built a shelf inside my closet just to put all of my Vuitton, Gucci, Dior...

The new toy I got is a bowler style purse from the classic Marc Jacobs line (not the Marc by Marc Jacobs line). It was purchased by a friend who currently working at a "designer" department store, so they get the employee discount for pretty much other stores that is linked to the one that she works for. And of course, Marc Jacobs is one of them. My price was only $400 (about 70% off I believe) :D which is totally unbelievable!

Back to the purse, this is a Patchwork Bowler from Marc Jacobs. Style C372041, in Chocolate. I'm not quite sure if this purse has even been officially released or not, because it had been NO WAY to find any info regard it on google so far. All I found was 1 Japanese site that has its info. Kinda weird... I was soo digging the MJ Patchwork Stam. But anyway, while I like MJ, but I just can't tell myself to put few thousand on his bag. I would rather spend that on another Vuitton or just a Chanel.

It is a pretty good size, just right for all of my junks to sit in it :D

The chain seems very chick. It can be used as a top handles bag or carry on the side with that chain. Though that chain is quite heavy itself IMO.

The signature Marc Jacobs snap button is located on the side of the bag. Not quite noticable.


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