Friday, March 5, 2010

YaYa I fixed the comment error!

I think I have finally kind of fixed the comment error. Since some people has notify me about unable to leave comment. I finally *successfully* changed the comment setting to pop-up window instead of a link in order to get it work :D

So again.. long time no blog my friends~ I wonder if this is a good thing or bad thing? Sometimes if you blog nearly daily, it just kinda means that you *might* have nothing better to do. But being rarely blog, it certainly doesn't mean I'm very busy *BOO*

My next vacation will be in April. And the destination will be my dear home - HONG KONG. I have not been back to HK for about 2 years already. Apart from HK, during this trip I will go to Thailand *again* and Korea as well. I have never been to Korea before, so that will be totally new to me. It will be during the cherry blossom season, so I will surely take BUNCH of great pics to show you all. But indeed, I think I will have to carry an extra bottle of Zytrec. Just in case if 1 pill is not good enough for my pollen.

Other than busy *collecting* gifts for my families in HK, I'm planning to start a new blog to post my collection. But I certainly need some help since I have no clue how to link the blogs together :P


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