Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sephora Haul

I have not bought any make up for a few months already. Actually I do realize one thing, I would totally stop buying make up as long as I don't visit MUA :P

What I got this time is pretty much all mascara! I bought a set of Stila... which I forgot the name. It comes with a mascara, 24k gold bronzer, liquid eyeliners, lip color... for $25 I believe. I also picked up this Cargo Mascara, since it is on sale for only $8.80 (which was originally retail for $35 IIRC). The last thing I have picked up is what I been eyeing for a while ~

Make UP For Ever Smoky Lash kit ($22)... I been reading review about how good it is.... But ummm.... I tried it for the first time today. So far, not impressed at all. When I was using my Shu curler with Stila Major Lash Mascara, it holds my curl nicely. Only complaint was it has added no volumne at all. But this Smoky Lash... It has kinda added some volumne i think. But it totally weighted my lashes down. I mean, my Shu curled lashes became pretty much all flat right after I put this on... so, go figure~ I'm gonna give it few more tries before returning it (>_<)


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