Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sephora Haul

I have not bought any make up for a few months already. Actually I do realize one thing, I would totally stop buying make up as long as I don't visit MUA :P

What I got this time is pretty much all mascara! I bought a set of Stila... which I forgot the name. It comes with a mascara, 24k gold bronzer, liquid eyeliners, lip color... for $25 I believe. I also picked up this Cargo Mascara, since it is on sale for only $8.80 (which was originally retail for $35 IIRC). The last thing I have picked up is what I been eyeing for a while ~

Make UP For Ever Smoky Lash kit ($22)... I been reading review about how good it is.... But ummm.... I tried it for the first time today. So far, not impressed at all. When I was using my Shu curler with Stila Major Lash Mascara, it holds my curl nicely. Only complaint was it has added no volumne at all. But this Smoky Lash... It has kinda added some volumne i think. But it totally weighted my lashes down. I mean, my Shu curled lashes became pretty much all flat right after I put this on... so, go figure~ I'm gonna give it few more tries before returning it (>_<)

Not a quite happy day

I have been barely blog recently since I been quite busy with work. Not that work was getting busier, just my supervisor is on vacation. So I have to work OT this whole month to cover her place *blah*

Anyway, today I was so shocked to learn that one of my ex coworker has passed away few days ago. He was so kind to me all the time, always get me snack and stuff :[

You will be missed dearly ~ *Kin Low*!!!

So many people that I know has passed away suddenly recently. really~ what's going on?

Friday, March 5, 2010

DHC Haul

Actually this haul is from last week. Though I have been plain lazy, so I didn't bother to update it till now :D

So what I have bought is 4 bottles of my *MOST* loved DHC Deep Cleaning Oil (large size). It was on the monthly sale for $21 each (originally $25). And I got them during the president day sale with extra 10% off... so the total came to less than $19 each. I was planning to get them at the flagship store when I get to HK next month. But clearly getting it here was MUCH cheaper (retails for HKD $253 = USD $32.50) Now I can scratch it off my "To Buy List" from HK :]

I also got a full size soap case to make it reach the $85 for free shipping *heheehe*

YaYa I fixed the comment error!

I think I have finally kind of fixed the comment error. Since some people has notify me about unable to leave comment. I finally *successfully* changed the comment setting to pop-up window instead of a link in order to get it work :D

So again.. long time no blog my friends~ I wonder if this is a good thing or bad thing? Sometimes if you blog nearly daily, it just kinda means that you *might* have nothing better to do. But being rarely blog, it certainly doesn't mean I'm very busy *BOO*

My next vacation will be in April. And the destination will be my dear home - HONG KONG. I have not been back to HK for about 2 years already. Apart from HK, during this trip I will go to Thailand *again* and Korea as well. I have never been to Korea before, so that will be totally new to me. It will be during the cherry blossom season, so I will surely take BUNCH of great pics to show you all. But indeed, I think I will have to carry an extra bottle of Zytrec. Just in case if 1 pill is not good enough for my pollen.

Other than busy *collecting* gifts for my families in HK, I'm planning to start a new blog to post my collection. But I certainly need some help since I have no clue how to link the blogs together :P

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