Friday, March 5, 2010

DHC Haul

Actually this haul is from last week. Though I have been plain lazy, so I didn't bother to update it till now :D

So what I have bought is 4 bottles of my *MOST* loved DHC Deep Cleaning Oil (large size). It was on the monthly sale for $21 each (originally $25). And I got them during the president day sale with extra 10% off... so the total came to less than $19 each. I was planning to get them at the flagship store when I get to HK next month. But clearly getting it here was MUCH cheaper (retails for HKD $253 = USD $32.50) Now I can scratch it off my "To Buy List" from HK :]

I also got a full size soap case to make it reach the $85 for free shipping *heheehe*


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