Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Aspirin Mask

Aspirin mask is a great way to deep clean your pores, keep your skin smooth and of course.. try to keep the acne away!

  • 3 - 5 Uncoated aspirin pills
  • few drops of Honey
  • A clean plate to create mixture
Direction: Dissolve the aspirins with a few drop of water first. And then mix it with the honey. Leave it on your face for about 10 minutes. Massage and raise off with water. Use this mask about once to twice per week. You will see result shortly.

P.S. Most of the aspirins that are available in the store are usually coated which I found it a bit hard to dissolve. However, CVS.com do carry the uncoated aspirin. 1000 Tbs for $9.99. It really not a bad deal after all. Let's just hope them won't discontinue this product! :] If you don't want to order online, RiteAid's lightly coated aspirins can be dissolved pretty easily as well.


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