Monday, October 26, 2009

Oil Blotting Sheets

I decided to make this post since I have read few polls about your fave oil blotting sheet on MUA recently. As an oily gal, oil blotting sheet is totally a must to keep around hands 24/7. Though I have not (yea.. remember I said NOT) tried any of those HE blotting sheet like MAC, Clinique... simply as I believe ~ Why do blotting sheets have to cost so much??!

My HG is the Gatsby oil clear sheet (in plastic form). I have been using it for over 10 years. Gatsby is actually a cosmetic brand from Japan. I'm sure they are very well known in Asia, though not many American store carry them. So far I have only seen it in that Japanese market in NJ and Sunrise Mart @ St. Mark, NY (around NYU). The price tag is pretty friendly. I usually stock it up every time when I go to Hong Kong (or have my brother mail bunch to me from HK). The price in SaSa's Hong Kong stores are usually around HKD$13 (about $1.85 USD). Though you can also order from for less than $3.00 USD.

Gatsby oil sheets come with 3 different styles, but so far I have only tried the powder paper sheet style and regular
plastic sheet style. The powder sheet style is not bad, the size of the paper is actually nearly the double size of the plastic style. I usually only need 1 sheet to absorb most of the oil on my face and they are not that easy to break like many other paper style blotting sheets. Though I found that the plastic style is stronger compare to the powder style.

As I have mentioned, my HG is the plastic style. Most of the time, I only need 1 sheet to absorb all of the oil off my face. And it is pretty much non-breakable unless you really try to pull it apart very hard I guess.
Clean & Clear is the most common brand in the US. You can find it at nearly any drugstore. But the price tag isn't as friendly as Gatsby, usually priced at about $5 USD and only comes with 50 sheets per pack (Gatsby comes with 70 sheets). As of the size, C&C is slightly smaller and thinner compare to Gatsby.

As a bonus, I have received a pack of the blotting paper from Everyday Minerals during my last large order. I believe this blotting paper has been d/ced from EDM. So it was nice enough of them to included it in the shipment for free. However, I did not like this blotting sheet much though. It is a somewhat shiny paper style blotting sheet. I found it very thin that I might break it if I press too hard. It actually remind me of some cheapo napkin.. lol


KatherineGP said...

Im an avid fan of Oil Blotting Sheets since I have really oily skin. My personal choice is Chambuu blotting sheets since it's organic and it doesn't have any fragrance (I have rhinitis so I am avoiding tissues that has perfume in it).

You can purchase it here: and use this code: WYMBLF6S for discounts. Discount code is working (I just tried it yesterday).

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