Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Mini Fyrinnae Haul

I have been restricted myself to spend less $ on all these makeup recently. Of course, that's gonna be hard! lol I try to keep myself to spend about $20 each week. But last Saturday I placed an order at EDM for nearly $70, and last night I placed a $30 order at Dermstore... :P Sephora FF will start from the 19th this month, though I think I'm gonna skip anyway. So I guess it's ok to spend those extra $ right now hehhe

Anyway... Since I decided to try to do a $20 limit, so there really isn't much option for me. I placed an order on Fyrinnae a lil while ago. And surprisingly, my order came within 2 wks! (Sometimes they could takes nearly a month!) I really love Fyrinnae. They offer many shimmery eyeshadow at $1.75 per sample. And the sample is actually big enough for me to last for months even if I use it daily. But I know I will never use the same thing daily anyway, so I feel that each sample will probably last me like forever. Another big reason why I love their stuff is the color payout of their eyeshadow is very pretty. I did a quite swatch for MUA this morning, though I will try to make a better swatch to put on th
is blog when I have time :]


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