Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dermstore Hual

Yadda Yadda!!! I finally received my very 1st dermstore package yesterday!!! I accidentally put the wrong zip code on the shipping address, so my package has been lost in the lala land for a few days. So glad it finally found it way to here :]

So... here I ordered an Avene Thermal Spring Water duo set. Which comes with a full size 10.58oz, and a travel size 1.76oz, for $16. I also ordered a TooFaced Flatbuki, for $12.50. I applied the code "reminder", got a $2.50 discount. So the total came to $26 (no tax + free ship!) Which in
deed is a very good deal :] And... I also received a free subscription of Lucky Magz which I'm gonna do a refund instead. So that way I will save another $12 hehe


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