Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm back!??

It has been a long time since i start to do something online. Years ago I was doing on my website in the old school way with all these HTML written on notepad. So... where have I been all these years? I no longer work on my own site nor digging around on myspace. And all of a sudden, I start to think about maybe i can write my own blog *HA* I know i know.. I'm so late when it comes to blog. But well... I still can't quite figure out how to write blog and post thing here :P *sigh* feeling so old~

As most of you know that, I love to keep everything original and simple. So the background that I chose is a pic that I have taken in 2007, during the Cherry Blossom Festival in BBG. Actually I'm using this same pic in my MySpace profile as well :]

If you need to contact me regarding of anything *good*...

feel free to email me at



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